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With over 30 years of experience teaching different forms and styles of music, Mike offers lessons for the following instruments:
Music Reading
Music Theory
And is currently learning the Violin

1 weekly individual 30 minute lesson
4 times a month (months containing 5 weeks = vacation that week - KEEP PRACTICING)
$80.00 per month
1 hour lessons
$150.00 per month

Who can learn
Learning music should not be like typing. When you understand how music works, you can play anything!
Mike teaches his students how to:

  • Play by ear and also read sheet/tab music
  • Play together as a band (what each instruments’ function within the band is)
  • Write your own songs
  • Use scales to make chords
  • Understand chord progressions (how songs are written and arranged)
  • Solo over songs and chord progressions
  • Understand scales and to apply them over major and minor chords up and down their instrument
  • Build different chords: major, minor, 6ths, 7ths, 9ths, 13ths, inversions, etc.

Most people can learn to play a musical instrument, but they must be committed to practicing daily (not only the week’s assignment, but also continually going over older material to perfect their playing skills.

For information on lessons or recording please call 901-237-9818 or e-mail Mike

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